The 7 National Parks of Ghana

Ghana has a great diversity of animals. There are several species of mammals, insects, reptiles and sea animals. There is not a single place where you’ll encounter all the animals together. There are seven national parks in Ghana. In the upcoming time, we will be adding the other parks to this list.

Kakum National Park

West of the capital Accra is Kakum National Park. The park is known for its beautiful vegetation and butterflies, animals mainly come out at night. Unique to Kakum National Park are the suspension bridges (only for the real dare devils among us). The bridges can be up to 40 meters above the ground!

Mole National Park

Mole National Park Ghana’s largest wildlife sanctuary. The park is located in north-west Ghana. The park is home to over 90 mammal species, such as elephants, hippos, buffalo and warthogs. In the park you will find several species of antelope, monkeys (such as olive baboons and black-and-white colobus) and various reptiles (33 species).


Bia National Park

On the image you can see the largest tree in Bia National Park, in the park you can find some of the largest trees in West Africa. The park is located in the west southern part of Ghana, near the Ivorian border. Since 1975 no human activity like logging or farming is allowed. Bia National Park is also a biosphere reserve with 563 square kilometer resource reserve.

Bui National Park

The Bui Nation Park is the third largest park of Ghana (1820 km²) and is located in the Brong-Ahafo region. The park is well known for its hippos. It’s more difficult to see the hippos, because they tend to stay hidden. For this reason, it’s adviced to visit the park during the dry seasons, the water levels are lower and the hippos are more visible. Besides hippos you can see many other animals, like monkeys, crocodiles and hoofed species. A fun activity to undertake in the park is canoe safaris and to visit the village next to the park. A part of the park and village will be inundated by the reservoir Bui Dam. The filling of the reservoir started in 2011.

Kaybobo National park

Kyaboo National Park

The Kyaboo National Park was established in 1997, it’s a 360-square-kilometre national park and it’s located in the Volta region. Mount Dzebobo is located in this park and it’s the one of the highest mountain in Ghana, it offers a wonderful view of Lak Volta. The Park’s wildlife includes African bush elephants, African leopards, African buffalo, waterbuck, several primate species, bushbuck, duikers and, a symbol for the park, the rock hyrax. A park survey lists at least 500 species of butterflies and 235 birds.