The Netherlands Handball Association and Cocoa from Ghana have entered into a long-term sponsorship agreement that is valid up to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Ghana is one of the major cocoa producers in the world and – just like the Dutch women’s handball team – proudly holds second place in its field. And this position has been achieved through teamwork and fair play.

Independent cocoa farmers

Ghana has hundreds of thousands of independent cocoa farmers, many of whom are members of corporations. These farmers are responsible for nearly half of the country’s national export and continuously deliver high-quality cocoa.

Teamwork and fair play

The sponsorship highlights the many similarities between cocoa and elite sports. Just like with sports, cocoa production revolves around teamwork: pursuing the same goal, passing the ball, and working together towards a collective win; where effort is rewarded and there is absolutely no room for dishonesty.

Boost for women handball players

Tjark de Lange, chair of the Netherlands Handball Association (NHV): De Lange says, ‘We’re proud of this collaboration. This gives a fresh impulse to our women handball players and to the elite programme. As everyone knows, it is one thing to reach the top, but staying there is much harder. In light of this, a long-term collaboration like this is very important for us.’