Which plants are found in Ghana?

Ghana has a large variety of native and introduced plants. The range of native plants is very diverse. It’s impossible to mention all the plants in Ghana in this post, which is why we have selected a number of plants. In the coming year we’ll add more plants to this list.

Aerangis biloba

This beautiful plant is of the Epyfit Orchid family. This means that the plant grows on another plant, while not depriving the plant of any food. The plant is native to West Africa including. Copyright photograph: Arne and Bent Larsen

Raphia vinifera

Raphia vinifera, the West African piassava palm, bamboo palm or West African bass fibre is a palm tree species. It is particularly abundant along the creeks of Niger Delta, Cross River, Lagos and Ikorodu in Nigeria. A multipurpose tree that is very important for the local population, supplying food, fibres and building materials. The fibres are exported to many other countries.

Adonidia Merrillii

Annona senegalensis

Annona senegalensis takes the form of either a shrub or small tree, growing between two and six meters tall. Occasionally, it may become as tall as 11 m. A traditional food plant in Africa, the fruits of A. senegalensis have the potential to improve nutrition, boost food security, foster rural development and support sustainable land care. Well known where it grows naturally, it is largely unheard of elsewhere.