Cocoa from Ghana: visibility in sports

The production of cocoa is like a team sport. Discover why Cocoa from Ghana has entered into a long-awaited sponsorship agreement with the Netherlands Handball Association (NHV).

The production of cocoa is like a team sport: it is all about working together and achieving optimum results. This same collaborative spirit is reflected in handball. That is why Cocoa from Ghana has entered into a long-term agreement with the Netherlands Handball Association for the sponsorship of the Dutch women’s handball team.

Every day, millions of people worldwide enjoy chocolate and other cocoa products made with cocoa from Ghana. The Ghanaian cocoa sector is one of the largest in the world. This is true not only in terms of its export volume, but also in terms of the sector’s quality and innovation. The new brand ‘Cocoa from Ghana’ makes this clear: it shows that the country of Ghana, the company, and its inhabitants, stand for the highest-quality cocoa in the world.

Positivity and enthusiasm

Sports provide the perfect stage to showcase ‘Cocoa from Ghana’. Sports are internationally synonymous with positivity and enthusiasm. These are direct characteristics of ‘Cocoa from Ghana’: the positivity that characterizes the country and its people, along with the enthusiasm with which Ghanaians organize their cocoa production.

Teamwork and fair play

Teamwork and fair play are additional similarities between sports and ‘Cocoa from Ghana’. The collaboration between Ghanaian agricultural corporations is similar to team sports. This collaboration also entails pursuing the same goal, passing the ball, and working together towards a collective win; where effort is rewarded and there is absolutely no room for dishonesty.


In addition, the energy produced by sports has obvious parallels with the energy of chocolate and cocoa products. This is a direct energy that creates a feeling of satisfaction. Both also fit into a healthy, balanced lifestyle: with sports and the healthy calories of pure, honest cocoa.

Cocoa from Ghana looks forward to a long-term collaboration which will contribute to the positive image and the performance of both parties!