Cocoa from Ghana sponsors Ghanaian Olympians

Cocoa from Ghana entered into a strategic partnership with the Ghana Olympic Committee. A one-year sponsorship agreement was signed in Ghana on 20 June, with plans to extend the agreement until after the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan. The common goal: improving the performance of Ghanaian athletes.

This agreement highlights the many similarities between cocoa and professional sports. The same qualities – commitment, collaboration, and outstanding results – apply to both sports and the production of high-quality cocoa.

‘This partnership will help our athletes further optimize their performance,’ explains Professor Francis Dodoo, a former professional athlete and president of the Ghana Olympic Committee. ‘At the same time, it will help to raise awareness for something that is very important to our country: cocoa. Our goal is to grow together and strengthen one another,’ he says.

Cocoa from Ghana spokesperson Joost Bellaart agrees. ‘This agreement will help us put Ghana on the map. We are showing the world that Ghana not only has the best athletes, but also the highest-quality cocoa.’

Working together toward top results

Cocoa from Ghana supports a wide range of sports; it is head sponsor of the successful Dutch women’s handball team and also sponsors Dutch long jump athlete Ignisious Gaisah, who was born in Ghana. Cocoa from Ghana recently became the official shirt sponsor of the West African Football Academy (WAFA), which was founded by the Feyenoord Football Academy.

About Cocoa from Ghana

Cocoa from Ghana is an initiative of the Ghanaian cocoa industry and aims to raise awareness for its product. The global demand for cocoa is approximately 4.2 million tonnes, 800,000 tonnes of which comes from Ghana. With Amsterdam as the world’s largest transhipment port for cocoa beans, the Netherlands is a major trading partner for the Ghanaian cocoa industry.

Improving living and working conditions

The Ghana Olympic Committee organizes the deployment of Ghanaian athletes and teams to the Olympic Games. The committee also develops, promotes, and protects Olympic sports in its own country in the hope of improving living and working conditions and facilitating social cohesion in Ghana through sports.