Healthy Habits with Akwasi Frimpong

What does it take to compete on an Olympic level? Skeleton-athlete Akwasi Frimpong, proudly sponsored by Cocoa from Ghana, tells us all about his healthy habits in the latest podcast!

Staying in shape is key. He may be a rookie compared to athletes who’ve been competing in skeleton for over twelve years, but Akwasi has a few tricks up his sleeve. Bolstering his body with nutritious foods and his state of mind with motivational speeches – the all important mental game – he aims to boldly enter the Winter Olympics 2018.

Beyond that, Akwasi also recounts his time in Ghana, his birthplace, and the influence Ghanaian culture has had on his career. What do the Kente designs on his speedsuit mean to him, or the Adinkra symbol on his arm? Turn on the stroopwafel cookie machine and listen to the Healthy Habits podcast with Akwasi Frimpong!