Ghanaian Olympians in Rio with support from the Netherlands and Ghana

During the Summer Olympics, Ghanaian athletes can count on Dutch and Ghanaian support in the form of Cocoa from Ghana: a Dutch initiative that hopes to raise awareness for Ghanaian cocoa. Cocoa from Ghana recently signed a sponsorship agreement with the Ghana Olympic Committee.

The goal of the strategic partnership is to improve the performance of Ghanaian athletes. Cocoa from Ghana is proud to sponsor the Ghanaian athletes during the 2016 Summer Olympics as part of its strategic partnership.

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Working together for top-level performance

Cocoa from Ghana supports many different sports. This past June marked the beginning of the one-year sponsorship of the Ghana Olympic Committee with the intention to extend this sponsorship to the 2020 Olympic Games. Cocoa from Ghana is also an official sponsor of the West African Football Academy (WAFA) which was founded by the Feyenoord Football Academy. Cocoa from Ghana wants to make a contribution to the future of these athletes. In the Netherlands, Cocoa from Ghana is a sponsor of the Dutch women’s handball team to safeguard the continuity of handball as top-level sport.