Silver for the Dutch during the European women’s handball championship

The Dutch women’s handball team have done a fantastic job during the European Championships in Sweden: a silver medal!  They fought like lions: strong, aggressive, defensive and organized… The new style of handball! In Gothenburg the Dutch women’s handball team ended up as the best in their group. As a sponsor, we are proud that the Dutch women’s handball team represent our values: teamwork, performance, and women empowerment. We have made a summary of matches played by the Dutch women’s handball team.

The first game was on December 4 against Germany. In the beginning the Netherlands had a lead over Germany. In the second half it became clear that Germany dominated the game.

After a day of rest The Netherlands played on december 6 against Poland. The Dutch women’s handball team won convincingly and so they were back in the game!

On December 8, the Netherlands played against France. Fewer goals were made than normally during a handball game, In the first half France took the lead. In the second half The Netherlands took off full steam ahead!

On December 10, the Netherlands played against host Sweden. Both teams played fast, but the Netherlands had that little bit of extra.

The match against Serbia on December 12, was despite that the Dutch played great, not particularly exciting to watch. The Dutch were by far the best team.

On 14 December the Netherlands played against Spain. It was an exciting game, during the game The Netherlands and Spain scored equally. In the last 10 minutes the Dutch drew a sprint, making it clear that they were going to win the game.

On December 16 The Netherlands took on Denmark. It promised to be a fast game between both teams! Until the last 15 minutes it was nerve wracking, but The Netherlands once more showed that they had some energy left to speed up the game!

On December 18 The Netherlands played the final against Norway. Until literally the last second it remained exciting, both teams were strong! Norway finally won with one point, but the Netherlands made it extremely difficult for Norway.

The Dutch women’s handball team won silver!